Waterman Man 100 Olive ballpoint pen.
Waterman Blue Preface Romance Ballpoint pen.
Cross 14kt Gold Filled Ballpoint Pen and Pencil set, with STP crests on clips, soft and hard case.
LAMY stainless steel 4 color ballpoint pen.
LAMY 4 color matte black ballpoint pen.
LAMY ballpoint pens with official Porsche marking. 2 push button action, 1 with over-cap clip. 
LAMY Unic ballpoint pen.
LAMY brushed stainless steel ballpoint pen, with Continental word mark.
LAMY Safari fountain pen and pencil set in matte black, with Bosch logo.
LAMY ballpoint pen and pencil set in Matte Black and VOTEX GMBH logo.
LAMY Ballpoint pen and pencil set with Volkswagen logo.
LAMY red and blue ballpoint pen.
LAMY push button ballpoint pen, with Porsche logo on clip.
LAMY Safari ballpoint pen with VW logo.
Parker Classic fountain pen, matte black with GF nib.
Parker stainless steel ballpoint pen with Panasonic logo.
Parker Isignia ballpoint pen and pencil set with Allied Signal crests on clips.
Montblanc 234 1/2 fountain pen and Pix pencil set, circa 1934-38.
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