St Paul Church.
Richmond, British Columbia.
Studio One Architecture.
St. Paul-E elevation.
St. Paul-NE perspective.
St. Paul-Apse and Bell Tower.
St. Paul-NW perspective.
St. Paul-Chapel ext.
St. Paul-SW perspective.
St. Paul-W elevation.
St. Paul-the Narthex.
St. Paul-Nave wide view.
St. Paul-NE corner interior view.
St. Paul-NW corner view.
St. Paul-Confessionals cabinetry.
St. Paul-Confessional.
St. Paul-Interior Side.
St. Paul-across Nave-N.
St. Paul-across Nave SE.
St. Paul-Nave and Baptismal.
St. Paul-the Nave.
St. Paul-The Sanctuary.
St. Paul-view across from SW corner.
St. Paul-side to Sanctuary.
St. Paul-SE corner view.
St. Paul-Sanctuary Stair.
St. Paul-view from Sanctuary.
St. Paul-W elevation dusk.
St. Paul-NE perspective dusk.
St. Paul-E elevation dusk.
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